3 Tips for Fall Stress Relief

As the wind grows harsh and the leaves on the trees start to paint a story of change, it can only mean that the Fall is fully upon us. Fall brings us fresh cider, scenic views, tailgating season and so many more time-tested events. But, along with the festive fun, Fall also brings shorter days and colder weather. Yuck! These external factors can add on extra stress and aches to our already busy lives. As the Social Media Coordinator here at LaVida Massage, sitting at my desk and looking at a screen most of the day creates a lot of strain on both my body and mind. When you add the changing of seasons to the stress I already have, Fall can turn from awesome to awful. Here are a few tips, tricks, and helpers I use to make sure my autumn is as easy going as possible:

  • Create a calm sleeping environment: After a long day, a solid night of sleep is essential to keep your body right and your mind clear. I have two essentials in my room that help me re-charge my batteries every night; a white noise machine and an essential oil diffuser. The calming rhythm of native drums puts me to sleep and the natural scent of the essential oil helps keep me asleep. Obviously, what noises and scents help you sleep is different on an individual basis, but for me, I like to use the “Zzz Life” sleep blend oil. The oil is specifically blended for sleeping.
  • Address your aches and pains: Hand up, I am completely guilty of just assuming that my aches and pains will go away. Instead of taking the problem head-on, I tell myself that the only way to get rid of the pain is to work through it. There are a lot of pain relief options out there, but I found that Turmeric + Arnica + CBD joint cream works the best. The CBD makes the relief effects last much longer than your typical pain relief cream and the turmeric and arnica help give it a refreshing scent.
  • Have a bonfire: No products here other than what Mother Nature gives us. I’m not sure quite what it is about the snap, crackle, and pop of a fresh log on the fire, but it always puts me in a great mood. Pair that with the soothing smoky smell and some great friends and you may as well call it “heaven”.