How Does Massage Help Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms?

Massage therapy is most often associated with conditions like back and neck pain. However, massage therapy shows a surprising ability to keep allergy sufferers comfortable even at the height of allergy season.

With the weather warming up and the pollen count increasing, allergy sufferers everywhere are looking for any solutions to relieve their congested sinuses, watery eyes, and runny noses.

Massage therapy can help relieve these types of allergy symptoms in the following three ways:

By opening up sinus passages

Massage therapists can use facial massage to open up the sinus passages of patients who suffer from allergies. Massaging the head and scalp can free up the flow of mucus and reduce congestion. Also, massaging the clavicle and neck areas can relieve a constricted, tightened throat. Many of a patient’s lymph nodes are located in the neck, and these lymph nodes can be responsible for sinus buildup. Massage of the lymph nodes can lead to a release of sinus pressure through lymph node drainage leaving the patient feeling cleared up and comfortable.

By reducing stress

Stress clearly has a lot to do with allergic responses. If the body experiences a buildup of stress, it can respond by releasing excessive amounts of histamine that lead to inflammation, sinus pressure, and allergy discomfort. One of the biggest overall benefits of massage therapy is reduction of stress throughout the body. This not only helps with allergy, but many other physical conditions and undesirable responses as well.

By targeting sinus trigger points

Surprisingly, many “sinus trigger points” are found on the back and shoulders. Massage therapists frequently target these two areas. Pressure building up in the sinus trigger points can aggravate allergy symptoms, but massaging these trigger points can reduce this pressure and prevent the symptoms from developing.

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